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Zendaya And Tom Holland: Instagram

Share Picture On Insagram Zendaya And Tom Holland Holding Hands

According To Uswhispers Today Zendaya And Tom Holland Share picture On Instagram Cute Couple

Zendaya And Tom Holland:Instagram

Their love hasn't faded, but they're still in a web of love! These are some new pictures of the Spider-Man actors and their real-life love. On Sunday, they were seen walking around Boston.

This is how the couple, who were both 25 at the time, looked as they walked around the city:

The Euphoria star wore a big knit sweater with dark pants and white sneakers. She kept her hair in a bun and out of her face, and she wore a big necklace. Putting a big T-shirt on top of black pants made Holland look very cool and stylish.

At one point, the actress looped her arm around her boyfriend's, while Holland put his hand in his pocket as they looked around the city.

Cute coupe alert! #Zendaya & #TomHolland were spotted out holding hands while in Boston on a day date

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