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Michael Kittredge Owner Yankee Candle Net Worth

Yankee Candle Net Worth

Yankee Candle Net Worth
Yankee Candle Net Worth

According To Uswhispers Yankee Candle Net Worth $25Millions The Yankee Candle Company, which Michael Kittredge founded, is where he gained his riches.

The Yankee Candle Company, Inc. was founded by Kittredge after he manufactured a candle for his mother for Christmas in 1969. The teen quickly started wowing his neighbours with the creation. According to the corporate website, there are currently over 300 company-owned locations as well as sizable online and catalogue sales.

Although Kittredge's 1984 purchase had only three bedrooms and cost $144,000, the founder of the candle firm turned it into a lavish mansion and estate. The Wall Street Journal noted that the senior Kittredge acquired nearby buildings and funded extensive repairs. It was like having Disneyland in the back yard, according to Mick Kittredge, his son.

Mick calculated that throughout the years, his father spent around $50 million upgrading the house and estate. Currently, it has a 25,000 square foot main home, two 4,000 square foot guesthouses, a pool, a clubhouse, and two car barns.

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