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Why Calls To Assassinate Vladimir Putin Are So Dangerous For The Us

Senator Lindsey Graham Of The United States Reiterated His Belief That Russian President Vladimir Putin Should Be Executed, And Urged The Russian People To "Stand Up And Stop This Terror Campaign."

"I'm Hoping He'll Be Taken Out In Some Way." It Doesn't Matter To Me How They Get Him Out. I Don't Mind If We Take Him To The Hague And Put Him On Trial. "All I Want Is For Him To Leave," Graham Said At A Press Conference As Russia's Conflict With Ukraine Entered Its Third Week
Vladimir Putin


To Emphasise His Case, Lindsey Graham Called Russian President Vladimir Putin A War Criminal And Compared Him To The Nazi Ruler Adolf Hitler.

Vladimir Putin Is A De Facto Dictator. He's A War Criminal, To Be Sure. He Added, "I Wish Someone Had Taken Hitler Out In The [1930s]."

The Republican Party's Head Made It Clear That He Does Not Want Us Soldiers To "Intervene" In Russia Or Ukraine To Assassinate Putin. Rather, The Russians Themselves Must "Deal With" Him.

I'm Not Seeking An Invasion Of Russia To Expel Them. I'm Not Asking For Ground Troops From The United States To Battle The Russian Military In Ukraine. I'm Appealing To The Russian People To Stand Up And Put An End To This Campaign Of Terror Over You And The Rest Of The Globe, "Graham Remarked.
Vladimir Putin

Earlier This Month, The Us Lawmaker Called For Putin's Execution, Drawing Condemnation Not Just From Russia But Also From His Own Party.

Is Russia Home To A Brutus? Is There A Russian Military Officer Who Is More Successful Than Colonel Stauffenberg? The Only Way This Is Going To End Is For Someone In Russia To Kill This Guy. You Would Be Providing A Fantastic Service To Your Country—and The World. " On March 4, Graham Remarked In A Tweet.

The Senator's Statements Had Been Condemned By The Russian Ambassador As Unacceptable And Offensive. Other Republicans Slammed Graham's Proposal As "Exceptionally Terrible" And "Unhinged," Saying That He Had Been A "Bloodthirsty, Warmongering" Politician.

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