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Ukraine Russia War day 9 

As you all know that you are here to know each and everything and all the updates Regarding this and you may be finding a lot of news but here has been summed up of all the recent updates which are mandatory for all of you to know and be aware and to be recently updated about this. So here you are at the right place to find all the recent updates and detailed information so-referred to below article

Fire breaks out at Europe's biggest Nuclear Power plant in Zaporizhzhya. The Russian tanks are moving towards Kivy, Russian caravan consists of T90 tanks, BMPs, infantry vehicles, logistics vehicles, and communication vehicles.

The Russian army is trying to occupy the capital city Kivy of Ukraine. Russia occupied east Ukraine's city Balakliya. Russian soldiers throw missiles on a Cosmetics company warehouse.

Kharkiv, Chernihiv and Mariupol' are facing horrific bombing. The city of Ukraine Enerhodar which has a nuclear plant is attacked continuously by the Russian army. The fire in the nuclear power plant is not yet extinguished. Ukraine is blaming that when fire extinguishers went to the nuclear power plant Russian soldiers didn't allow them to go inside. Ukraine's Foreign minister said that Russia is continuously attacking nuclear power plants from all four sides. Zaporizhzhya power plant is the biggest power plant in Europe. There is a fire at some places in the nuclear power plant and if the blast happened, there would be 10 times more destruction in Ukraine, this power plant has ¼ generation of electricity in Ukraine. Ukraine's foreign minister is appealing to Russia to stop the bombing of this nuclear plant otherwise it would be the great blast of this war. IAE said that this attack is not safe, it may create huge destruction.

Missile attack on the capital city of Ukraine, Kivy. Russian officers are trying to Ruined the Oil depots. 22 people died in the bombing in the residential area of Chernihiv. After the small distance from Kivy, there is a continuous war between Ukraine and the Russian army.

America banned 19 billionaires of Russia, Russian army threw cluster bombs in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Numerous vehicles get destroyed in this Cluster bombing. Although it is not clear that it is cluster bombing, cluster bombing is when the bomb burns into the sky and then the pieces or the bomblets which have small bombs fall on the ground and everything gets destroyed.


So every information and each recent update has been provided to you in the above article. Everything has been in detailed information and all the recent updates are in front of you in the article. I hope you find the article very good and helpful for knowing and fulfilling your desire for having something informative regarding this.

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