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ukraine Refugee

The Largest Mass Migration Has Been Set Off In Europe In Decades And That Has Been Just Done Because Of Russia's Invasion Of Ukraine And It Has Even More Than 1.5 Million People And These Many People Have Been Crossed From Ukraine Into Neighbouring Countries.

According to the update, the fastest growing refugee crisis has been this one in Europe and it had been since World War II.

Now a lot of questions have been put up by the US that what has been done by them to help the refugees so far, so it has been keen on the report which says that the US has provided 54 million.

For helping the refugees, $54 million is being provided by the US in food and other assistance to all the people in Ukraine and also it has been alleged that more could be sent to them.

The head of the US agency and that is the international development, Samantha power. So according to him it has been stated about the help of 54 million dollars which is being provided to people in Ukraine.

It has been reported that food is scars just because there are millions of people who have been inside the country and are trying hard for escape the Russian attack. And for those people food has been the scarcity’s level.

Has been seen that the conditions in Ukraine has been into the worst condition and the it is very critical just because of the conditions which are growing worse in Ukraine.

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