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Ukraine Hospital Attack: New Stage Of Ukraine Russia War

 Russian Airstrike On Mariupol Maternity Hospital, Three People Killed And Brought Down In Moscow On Thursday. Ukrainian And Western Officials Mentioned That It Is A War Crime And No Progress Is Made In Stopping The Fight.
Ukraine hospital attack

Emergency Service Workers Are Renewed And Efforts Are Made To Get The Food Stuff And Medical Supplies Into The Cities And Take Civilians Out.

The Official Of Ukraine Said That Child Was One Of Them Who Died In The Airstrike On Wednesday. The Airstrike Happened At The Vital Port Of Mariupol. 17 People Were Wounded Which Includes Men And Women Both It Also Includes The Pregnant Women She Was Waiting To Give Birth To A Child And Children Buried In Rubble.

Images Of Pregnant Women Covered In Dust And Blood Went Viral And This News Dominated News Reporters In Many Countries. It Brought A New Era Of Horror Over The 2 Weeks Old War. It Also Sparked The Russian Invasion In Which Thousands Of Soldiers And Civilians Were Killed. It Has Also Shaked The European Security And Economy And Driven Over 2 Million People From Ukraine.
Ukraine hospital attack

The President Of Ukraine Already Mentioned That Ukraine's Economy Has Declined. Kivy Mayor Said In His Words That Around 2 Million People And Half Of The Population Of Kivy Has Left The City.

In This Airstrike Bombs Were Fallen On Hospital In The West Of Kivy As This Is Said By Mayor. The Who Confirmed Almost 18 Medical Attacks Since The Russian Invasion Began. 

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