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Everything Here About Turning Red

As you all know that you are here to know each and everything and all the updates Regarding this and you may be finding a lot of news but here has been summed up of all the recent updates which are mandatory for all of you to know and be aware and to be recently updated about this. So here you are at the right place to find all the recent updates and detailed information so refer to the below article.

Turning Red: About

 Turning red is the new American animation fantasy comedy film. It is directed by Domes Shi, the screenplay of the film is done by Julia Cho, the producers are Lindsey Collins, the cinematography is done by Mahyar Abousaeedi and Jonathan Pytko. It is edited by Nicholas C. Smith and Steve Bloom, the music of the film is given to Ludwig Goransson, the production companies are Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios. It is distributed by Walt Disney Studios and Motion Pictures, the country of release in the United States and original languages English.

Turning red

Turning Red: story 

This story e revolves around a 13-year-old girl named Mei Lee. She was amazed and bound between being an appreciative daughter of her mother and the motive of her teenager. When she gets glad she turns into the Red Panda. For checking out more about Mei Lee and her problems you have to watch this comedy and family movie on the release date and famous sites mentioned below.

Turning Red: Release Date 

Fans were curiously waiting since long for this film, they were expecting a release date for this fun and family comedy film. so, here we came up with the release date, the initial release date of the film is 11 March 2022.

Turning Red: Cast 

Rosalie Chiang voiced Meilin, she was a 13-year-old girl.

Sandra Oh voiced Ming Lee, an overprotective and strict mother.

Ava Morse voiced Miriam, Mei's friend

Maitreyi Ramakrishnan voiced Priya, Mei's friend

Hyein Park voiced Abby, Mei's friend

Orion Lee voiced Jin Lee, Mei's father

Wai-ching Wo voiced Mei's grandmother

Tristan Allerick voiced Tyler, Mei's Classmate

Addie Chandler voiced Devon, Mei's secret crush

Turning Red: where to watch

For this funny and comedy film, the famous streaming sites are provided for you all fans so you can check and watch your favorite film on these sites, so you can check this film on Disney, Pixar's other collabs and Disney+. It is streaming from 11 March.

Turning Red: Reviews

Positive reviews help to increase the film ratings, so here are some of the reviews, fans are eagerly waiting for the film, turning red is the Animation, kids and the family film. It will 100% hit the film hard.

Turning Red: conclusion 

So every information and each recent update has been provided to you in the above article. Everything has been in detailed information and all the recent updates are in front of you in the article. I hope you find the article very good and helpful for knowing and fulfilling your desire for having information regarding this.

 For more and more information and updates visit our website and stay tuned.

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