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Tulsi Gabbard will speak at CPAC as part of the group's "Great Un-Wakening."

Gabbard, a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, once branded Trump "unfit to govern." She's now working with Marjorie Taylor Greene to raise awareness for the 45th president.

Tulsi Gabbard

Tulsi Gabbard, the former Hawaii congresswoman who ran for president in 2020 as a Democrat, is rounding out her transformation from iconoclast progressive to hardline conservative by appearing as a featured guest at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

Gabbard will join a roster of GOP loyalists — including Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Republican senators Ted Cruz, Rick Scott, and Marco Rubio, and Representatives Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, Lauren Boebert, Madison Cawthorn, and Marjorie Taylor Greene — in building buzz for the circus' star, former President Donald Trump, at CPAC 2022, which kicks off Wednesday in Orlando.

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