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The Bennifer Romance: A Timeline of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

The Bennifer Romance: A Timeline of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

The phrase "Bennifer" may conjure up images of frosted lip gloss and butterfly clips, but everything goes out of style at some point. Nearly two decades after their world-famous relationship, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are enjoying time together.

Affleck is said to have been picked up in a white SUV and driven to Lopez's Los Angeles home. When you consider their high-profile romance, it's easy to see why they'd keep their hangouts under wraps.

The two originally met on the set of the ill-fated Gigli in 2002. While attempting to kidnap a neurodivergent man, the two portrayed criminals who fall in love. The film bombed at the box office and with critics, who argued that Affleck and Lopez lacked chemistry.

Off-screen, it was a different story. Lopez divorced her second husband, Cris Judd, in June 2002, and soon after, she went public with the Good Will Hunting star.

In fact, they even let Dateline's Pat O'Brien into their Vancouver rental home to talk about their relationship, but they wouldn't say when they fell in love. Lopez said: "You can't find it." "We first became friends." That's the real deal.

They were going to get married in September 2003, and Lopez said that after the wedding, she would change her name to Jennifer Affleck. As a result, they never made it to the altar. They called off the wedding just days before the ceremony because of "too much media attention."

When they officially broke up in January 2004, they said it was over. As for Lopez, she would get married to Marc Anthony in June 2004. Affleck would also get married to Jennifer Garner that year.

In the press, Affleck and Lopez have always been nice to each other, even though it didn't work out. As a group, "We just happened to be together at the start of the tabloids." This is what she said to PeopleTV in 2016. "It was just a lot of pressure," she said in 2016.

She said, "I think it could have been a different time, a different thing, but there was a real love there."

The Bennifer Romance: A Timeline of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

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