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Susan Roces Net worth :Died uswhispers Updates

Susan Roces net worth

Susan Roces Net worth

According To Uswhispers Susan Roces net worth of $8.7 million As of 2022 and at the time of her death. She made a living as an actress and producer, a career she's had for decades. She was one of the most influential Filipina women of the 20th century, Susan Roces

Susan Roces, a multi-award-winning actress, passed away unexpectedly. With five awards from the Filipino Academy of Film Arts and Sciences ( FAMAS Award).

Both of her FAMAS Awards for Best Actress went to her. For her contributions to the film industry, she received the FAP Awards' Lifetime Achievement Award.

On May 20, 2022, Susan Roces, a veteran actress, died. At the age of 80, she died of a heart attack. Her passing was made public by her loved ones. Actresses in her native country and around the world will remember her as one of the best.

Susan Roces net worth at the time of Death

As an actress, Susan's net worth was $8.7 million at the time of her death, with the bulk of that money coming from her earnings.

Susan was a film producer and an actress. Susan's acting career began when she was eleven years old.

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