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U.S. Politics: Russia Tells The United States To Stop Arming The Ukraine

Blinken predicts that Russia's battle in Ukraine could go on all year.

Blinken has reportedly advised certain supporters that the conflict in Ukraine, which began on February 24, might last for the remainder of 2022 According To USWHISPERS

Stop Arming

Sources and military chiefs can't predict how long the terrible fight will last or if it will escalate or weaken, but two European authorities have said that US and European officials are becoming increasingly gloomy about its endurance.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to some anonymous sources, will only accept a diplomatic solution after being defeated militarily.

While still a long shot, the idea of Russia being beaten militarily by its smaller, autonomous neighbour Ukraine in the early days of the conflict appeared implausible, and now it seems less unlikely According To USWHSPERS

In spite of Western leaders' warnings that Europe and NATO could be pushed into a third World War if they equip Ukraine with offensive weapons, Western nations have supplied and are boosting Ukraine's defensive weapons stockpiles.

The Ukrainian resistance to Russia has gone above and beyond expectations, seemingly preventing an invasion of Kyiv's capital. However, there has been appalling destruction and barbaric Russian attacks on civilians, and Putin is now reassembling his troops for a renewed assault on the eastern Donbas region and the Crimean peninsula..

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