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Smart Plate Net Worth

Smart Plate Net Worth 2022

Smart Plate Net Worth
Smart Plate Net Worth

According To Uswhispers Smart Plate Net Worth is $1 million The SmartPlate is an innovative nutritional technology that Dell'Arciprete pitched on episode 721 of Shark Tank.

A SmartPlate is a device for plating food that employs photo recognition technology to identify, weigh, and analyse food.

Dieters can use this as an alternative to counting calories manually. SmartPlate is an intelligent device that employs a camera to automatically weigh, identify, and analyse food rather than requiring dieters to manually count calories.

In February 2016, Martin Dell'Arciprete of Philadelphia presented the prototype on The Shark Tank. The Sharks deemed the price to be excessive.

Martin Dell'Arciprete attempted to persuade the Sharks that he deserved $1 million in exchange for 15% of the company.

SmartPlate is the Fitbit equivalent for diets. It computes the calories and nutritional value of each food item on the plate.

Each plate is equipped with scales and cameras. The plate takes a picture of the food and determines its nutritional value based on its type and quantity.

Using a smartphone app that synchronises this data, you can monitor your food intake.

A portion section on the SmartPlate prevents overeating; even the shape of the SmartPlate discourages overeating. Even an alarm sounds if you consume food too quickly.

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