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Shining Girls Review: Episodes,Released Date,Trailer

understand, totally, if you are a bit done with killers – serial, one-offs, opportunistic, take your pick from the assortment eternally before us on our screens. Or plain terrorisers of women. However, even if that is your current position, I would recommend you to give Shining Girls (Apple TV+) a try, even if the premise is unappealing.

The concept, which is based on Lauren Beukes' 2013 novel of the same name, is that six years ago, Kirby Mazrachi (Elisabeth Moss) survived a near-fatal attack by an unidentified perpetrator who was never apprehended. She has been experiencing shifting realities since then. Occasionally, the changes are minor, such as when a pet cat becomes a pet dog or returns to a different desk at work; occasionally, the changes are significant.

Shining Girls Trailer

When you combine Moss's superb, nuanced performance with the film's relatively slow pacing and the fact that the audience is probably too far ahead of the protagonists, Shining Girls works more as a character study than a thriller (though it's still worth seeing as the latter).

Kirby's ongoing renegotiation of a reality that alters around her without warning or permission is one of the best depictions of the profound and persistent effects of trauma you'll ever see. Anyone who has been assaulted will recognise the feeling of living a life suddenly full of unknowns, with the familiar becoming foreign and the trustworthy becoming tainted by awful knowledge. As you take two steps ahead and one step back towards a new normality, one reality is replaced by another and another. Even as the number of female victims grows, Shining Girls maintains its integrity and never abandons the core truth.

Shining Girls Episodes

Shining Girls has eight episodes, with the first three being released together on Apple TV Plus. The rest will arrive one by one on Fridays after that.

  • Shining Girls episode 1: April 29

  • Shining Girls episode 2: April 29

  • Shining Girls episode 3: April 29

  • Shining Girls episode 4: May 6

  • Shining Girls episode 5: May 13

  • Shining Girls episode 6: May 20

  • Shining Girls episode 7: May 27

  • Shining Girls episode 8: June 3

Shining Girls Apple TV

Critics have praised Shining Girls, remarking that film takes a unique approach to the conventional criminal thriller investigative premise.

Shining Girls Review

Wagner Moura, Jamie Bell, and Phillipa Soo are among the show's cast members, in addition to Moss. Appian Way, Leonardo DiCaprio's production firm, created it for Apple.

Shining Girls' first three episodes are now accessible on Netflix. The last eight episodes of the season will air weekly on Fridays.

With an Apple TV+ membership ($4.99 a month), you can watch Shining Girls and over 100 other TV episodes and movies presently streaming on the service. Make or Break, a documentary series that delves into the world of professional surfing, is also premiering today. Other upcoming releases include the second season of Tehran, docuseries The Big Conn from the makers of McMillion$, The Essex Serpent period drama starring Tom Hiddleston and Clare Danes, and big-budge dinosaur series Prehistoric Planet, narrated by David Attenborough.

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