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Russia Ukraine War

As you all know that you are here to know each and everything and all the updates Regarding the war of Russia and Ukraine and you may be finding a lot of news but here has been sum up of all the recent updates. which are mandatory for all of you to know and be aware and to be recently updated about this. So, here you are at the right place to find all the recent updates and detailed information so referred to below article.



Ukraine is the east in Europe country it is the second-largest country by area after Russia. The president of Ukraine is Volodymyr Zelenskyy and the capital of Ukraine is Kyiv, the approx population as reported in the year 2020 by World Bank in Ukraine was 4.41 crores . The currency of Ukraine is Ukrainian Hryvnia. The prime minister of Ukraine is Denys Shmyhal.



Russia, which is also known as the Russian Federation, is the transcontinental country spanning Eastern Europe and northern Asia. It is the largest country by area in the world. The President of Russia is Vladimir Putin and it is reported in the year 2020 by the World Bank the population of Russia is 14.41 crores.

Ukraine Russia war 

So, let's understand what is the matter behind the war of Ukraine and Russia Ukraine and Russia are the neighboring countries that share the borders. Ukraine is the second-largest country why the area and Russia is the largest country. let's come to the point for the conflict. Ukraine wants to be the part of NATO. NATO thought about Ukraine in the year 1997 and they decide to discuss Ukraine to be the part of NATO but Russia put pressure on Ukraine and Ukraine agrees with the settlement. But still, Ukraine wants and tries to be part of NATO and Ukraine wants to join NATO. By the end of 2021, Ukraine again try for not oh but Russia disagrees and had objection for Ukraine.

NATO countries are the enemy of Russia and Russia don't want that Russia's neighboring country Ukraine join hands with NATO. If it joins NATO then other countries would come to Ukraine i.e., they will come across the borders of Ukraine and Russia and it will damage the Independence and the prosperity of Russia because all the other neighboring countries of Russia. Which include Estonia and Latvia have joined NATO and Russia don't want that other neighboring countries could join NATO.

So, to understand what is behind the word NATO.


NATO refers to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization; it is called the North Atlantic Alliance. It is an intergovernmental military alliance, located between 28 European countries and two North American countries. It was founded by the United States, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Norway, Netherlands, Canada, Belgium, Denmark, Portugal, Luxembourg and Iceland. It was founded in the year 1949 on 4 April in Washington, in the United States headquarters located in Brussels, Belgium. 

NATO was created in 1949 with the help of the United States, Canada and other several Western European Nations to provide security against the Soviet Union. NATO has 29 member States with the addition of the USA Canada on the American continent these numerous States and all member states together cover an area of 24.57 kilometres square it covers about 944.52 m people. France is the country that left NATO France to retain all the control of its armed forces and reserve the right to withdraw from NATO.

So, you must be curious to know who the leader of NATO is, so the leader of NATO is General Jens Stoltenberg. 

Reason:Russia doesn't want Ukraine to join NATO

To understand the reason, you have to go back to 100 years back, in the year 1917, Russia and Ukraine were part of the Russian Empire. After the revolution, in the year 1917, Ukraine declared itself as an independent country. 

3 years after the independence, in 1920 Ukraine entered into the Sovereign Union. In the year 1991 Soviet Union was dismissed, 15 new countries were declared, one of them is Ukraine. So, to protect its independence and freedom Ukraine wants to enter NATO and wants to be part of it. Russia doesn't want its neighboring countries to cover it from all four sides.

Last Words

So, every information and each recent update has been provided to you in the above article everything has been in detailed information and all the recent updates are in front of you in the article hope you find the article very good and helpful for knowing and fulfilling your desire for having something which is informative regarding this.

For more and more information and updates visit our website and stay tuned.

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