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Russia Attacks On Ukraine Nuclear War

The warning comes amid fears that Russia is plotting a nuclear attack on Ukraine.

Russia's threat comes on the heels of Zelenskyy's Saturday warning to the world that it should be prepared for "a variety of scenarios" in which Russia may use nuclear weapons. However, the Ukrainian President provided no proof to support such a claim.

nuclear war

Over 50 days have passed since Russia began its invasion of Ukraine, and since then, the world has lived in fear of nuclear war. NATO and the United States have repeatedly stated that immediate intervention would lead to World War III.

A nuclear war between the United States and Russia is a'real possibility', according to Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. William Burns, the director of the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), has issued a disturbing warning.

Preparation for a Russian nuclear strike was reiterated by Ukraine's President Zelensky to his countrymen and the rest of the world today. In addition, he requested for a supply of radiation pills to be kept on hand.

"We must prepare for" the dark situation, Zelensky added, according to UK's Mirror News, and seek medicine to assist reduce radiation sickness.

It was previously stated that nuclear weapons could be used by Vladimir Putin if Russia's battle with Ukraine stalled, and he made a similar announcement.

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