Robert Iger Net Worth

Robert Iger Net Worth 2022

Robert Iger Net Worth
Robert Iger Net Worth

According To uswhispers Robert Iger Net Worth $350 Million During Bob Iger's tenure as CEO, he oversaw the acquisition of rival companies such as LucasFilm, Pixar, and Marvel, transforming Disney into a much more successful entertainment company.

Early Years

Robert Allan Iger was born in New York City on February 10, 1951. Iger was raised in a Jewish family and was the son of a World War II navy veteran, who went into marketing, advertising, and public relations after his military service. Iger attended Ithaca College's Roy H. Park School of Communications after graduating from high school in 1969.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Television and Radio. He was interested in broadcasting from an early age, hosting an Ithaca College television show and working as a weatherman in Ithaca for 5 months. Although Robert Iger initially wanted to be an anchor for a major news channel, he soon changed his mind.


He started working for ABC in 1974 as a menial labourer for a pittance. However, over the next 15 years, he steadily rose through the ranks, eventually becoming president of ABC Entertainment in 1989. In 1993, he was named president of ABC Network Television Group and vice president of Capital Cities/ABC. In 1994, he advanced once more, becoming COO (Chief Operations Officer) of ABC's parent company, Capital Cities/ABC.

Under Iger's leadership, Disney made another bold move in 2018 when it completed its acquisition of 21st Century Fox. Despite the fact that his contract was originally set to expire in 2018, Disney repeatedly extended Iger's reign as CEO. Disney extended his contract twice in 2017, eventually reaching an end date of 2021. Iger, on the other hand, stepped down voluntarily in 2020, one year before his contract expired. He had resigned from Apple's board of directors a year before, citing potential conflicts of interest as Apple sought to enter the entertainment market with Apple TV.


Many speculated that Robert Iger resigned as CEO due to the ongoing Coronavirus/COVID-19 situation at the time. These speculations are bolstered somewhat by Iger's decision to forego his salary just before his resignation, citing economic concerns caused by the virus.

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