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How Rich Is Riley Roberts : Riley Roberts Engaged

Riley Roberts Net Worth 2022

Riley Roberts Net Worth 2022

Riley Roberts' current net worth is somewhere between $1.5 Millions. He earns money from his work as a consultant for tech start-ups. He's an entrepreneur who has helped a number of businesses grow and thrive. His assets and earnings are completely unknown at this time. In spite of his many accomplishments, there is no record of him receiving any major awards.

Riley Roberts Engaged

According To Uswhispers Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York confirmed her engagement to longtime partner Riley Roberts to Insider Thursday.

"Yep! It is, in fact, true "Reports that Ocasio-Cortez and Roberts were engaged have not been confirmed by either party.

She told Insider that they got engaged in Puerto Rico last month and are "taking some space to savour" their engagement before beginning the wedding planning process.

A few weeks ago, she tweeted that she and her fiance had got engaged in her family's hometown in Puerto Rico. No plans for the future yet; we're savouring this moment before diving into the planning process.

Ocasio-Cortez announced her engagement on Twitter and Instagram later that night. Jessica Cisneros' upcoming primary runoff against Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar was promoted in her campaign's fundraising email.

As the United States capital woke up to the dawn of a new week, Riley Roberts, the longtime partner of American politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has announced their engagement on social media.

AOC tweeted, "It's true!" from her official account. As previously reported by a news outlet in Puerto Rico, the couple got engaged last month and responded with a heartfelt "Thank you all for the well wishes." During the past few weeks, she had kept her social media accounts largely silent.

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