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Rihanna welcome first child :A$AP Rocky Baby

Rihanna welcome first child

Rihanna welcome first child

According To Uswhispers Rihanna and A$AP Rocky have given birth to their first child, according to TMZ reports. When the baby boy was born, he is said to have arrived in Los Angeles on May 13. There was no mention of a name.

Having been together since early 2020, the couple announced their pregnancy in January by strolling through A$AP Rocky's hometown of New York City in front of a large crowd of paparazzi photographers. Fashion mogul and Fenty beauty founder Rihanna has since made headlines for her trend-setting maternity style, which includes sheer lace, crop tops, and belly-baring outfits, while pregnant.

According to the singer to Vogue in April, when she learned she was expecting, she told herself, "There's no way I'm going shopping in no maternity aisle. Getting dressed up is just too much fun. Because my body is changing, I'm not going to give up on that part of myself.

I hope we were able to redefine what is considered 'decent' for pregnant women," she said. "I'm not going to be ashamed of what my body is capable of right now. This should be a time of joyous celebration. Since when has keeping your pregnancy a secret been a good idea?

Even though he hasn't released an album since Anti in 2016, the Grammy-winning performer hinted at long-awaited new music in the same interview. "I'm approaching my next project from a completely different perspective than I had intended to do so previously. It seems to me that this is a much better approach for me," she said. In my opinion, it's authentic, fun, and relieves a lot of the stress.

Peter Berg, the director of the Battleship, is also working on a documentary about her. Amazon paid $25 million in 2019 for the as-of-yet-untitled movie, which has no set release date.

After A$AP Rocky, whose real name is Rakim Mayers, was arrested on his way back from a vacation in Barbados in connection with an unreported shooting in November 2021, the news of his birth came as a shock. When a friend of Mayers' was shot in the hand, police in Los Angeles were looking into his possible involvement in the shooting.

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