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Real Madrid Net Worth 2023

Real Madrid Net Worth 2023

Real Madrid Net Worth 2023
Real Madrid Net Worth 2023

According To Uswhispers Real Madrid Net Worth 5.1 billion 2023 Real Madrid has now been the most valuable soccer team in six of our 18 rankings, having previously held the top spot in 2019

(Forbes did not collect soccer club values in 2020). With 11, Manchester United is in first place (most recently in 2018).

Barcelona, which was ranked No. 1 in 2021, is acting even more hastily in terms of stadium construction, investing $1.6 billion to erect the biggest soccer stadium in Europe.

In exchange for a 30% stake in Barcelona's broadcast revenues and a portion of future revenues from the team's new stadium, the club agreed to a multi-year $458 million shirt and stadium sponsorship deal with Spotify. It is also rumoured that a $960 million deal with Goldman Sachs and All Sport Finance is close to being finalised.

According to the Spanish publication Vozpópuli, the team has signed a hefty 25-year contract with the sports organisation Legends.

Legends, who already oversees the team's merchandising strategy, will now also be in charge of non-sports events at the club's stadium, Bernabeu, including conferences and concerts.

Over the course of the 25 years, the contract may be worth $11 billion to Real Madrid.

Legends will keep 20% of expected annual revenues, which range between $447 million and $491 million.

That is a significant increase from the club's pre-COVID-19 non-sports event revenue of $168 million.

The announcement came just after the team raised a further $255 million to renovate Bernabeu.

Portfolio enlargement

The deal is the latest move in the company’s “rapid growth mode,” as

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