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Rajon Rondo net worth 2022: BA's Rajon Rondo held a gun to her head and threatened to shoot her

Rajon Rondo net worth 2022

Rajon Rondo net worth 2022

The net worth of American professional basketball player Rajon Rondo is $45 million. Rondo is an NBA player now after a successful college basketball career at the University of Kentucky.

After graduation, he was selected in the first round by the Phoenix Suns and then traded to the Boston Celtics. While playing for the Boston Celtics in 2008, Rondo helped lead them to the NBA championship. The Dallas Mavericks acquired him in a trade in 2014.

In the following years, he played for the Sacramento Kings, the Chicago Bulls, and the New Orleans Pelicans before settling in with the Los Angeles Lakers.

When Rondo graduated from college in 2006, he decided to enter the NBA Draft. Phoenix Suns drafted him in the first round, then traded him to the Boston Celtics. It was Rondo who was chosen as the first point guard in the draught.

According To Uswhispers

In his rookie season, Rajon did not start a game and appeared in only 25 games. He was elevated to the starting lineup midway through the season and began to play more frequently. Celtics rookie Rajon was selected for the NBA All-Rookie Second Team despite a disappointing season.

Next season, Rondo led the team in assists and steals, but a back injury kept him out for four games. Celtics MVP Ray Allen suffered an ankle injury in the playoffs, but he returned to lead his team to a victory over the Lakers.

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