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Quad meets amid tensions over Ukraine

 As you all know that you are here to know each and everything and all the updates Regarding this and you may be finding a lot of news but there has been a sum-up of all the recent updates which are mandatory for all of you to know and be aware and to be recently updated about this. So here you are at the right place to find all the recent updates and detailed information so-referred to below article

The meeting took place in the quad Summit hosted by US President Joseph Biden on Thursday, prime minister Narendra Modi and leaders of Japan and Australia took part in this Quad. The meetings were held on Thursday and it was announced the new mechanism for humanitarian assistance in the indo-pacific and discussion about the impact of the Ukraine crisis on the region.

The l discussed the ongoing conflict and the crisis which happened in Ukraine and its border implications they agreed to set up the new assistance and disaster relief mechanism which will enable the quad to meet future challenges in the indo-pacific and it will provide the communication channel to address and respond to this crisis in Ukraine.

Most of the officials said that this meeting was held to present the unity in front of the face of the Ukraine crisis and underscore the wishing stance new focus on European conflicts. It takes a weather grouping commitment in the indo-pacific region and how the leaders emphasize the Ukraine crisis in separate messages.

The US President tweeted about it and he discussed with PM Modi and Australian pm about Russia's ongoing attack on Ukraine and his commitment to the sovereignty and territorial integrity around the World including in the indo-pacific.

In the report on online sites, the US state department's spokesperson had admitted the department has retracted the cable and the talking points of US deployments in India and the USA after the UNSC vote in which both the countries abstained.


So, every information and each recent update has been provided to you in the above article. Everything has been in detailed information and all the recent updates are in front of you in the article. I hope you find the article very good and helpful for knowing and fulfilling your desire for having something informative regarding this.

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