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Phoozy Net Worth 2022

Phoozy Net Worth 2022

According To Uswhispers Phoozy Net Worth 1.3Millions Customers have been happy with this startup’s original idea, and they are now buying the products.

Unlike most other phone cases on the market, the Phoozy case has never given anyone any trouble. If a phone or laptop falls out of their hand

There is a good chance that it will break.
This case is resistant to weather, water, drops, bacteria, and germs, so it will help with all of these problems.

protects your phone from overheating in the sun and from freezing when the temperature drops below freezing. Phoozy is also resistant to being thrown. So even if your phone is accidentally dropped in water, the case will keep it from sinking.

Phoozy Net Worth 2022
Phoozy Net Worth 2022

Season 12 of the reality show saw NASCAR driver Kevin Conway and his best friend Josh Inglis enter the Shark Tank.

During the covid epidemic, no one bought their products. Due to the fact that they were approved in 2020, the company began producing goods for hospitals and first responders in Charlotte and across the country, donating nearly $30,000 worth of supplies.

In the year 2021, his company released a line of anti-microbial products to the public, and they quickly became best-selling items.

There are cases for both Apple and Android devices by this company.

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