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Pete hegseth net worth :Career, Earlylife Update

Pete hegseth net worth

Pete hegseth net worth
Pete hegseth net worth

According to uswhispers Pete hegseth net worth $19 Million Fox News pays its employees an annual salary of nearly $6,000,000 USD. Peter Brian Hegseth is an American author and television host. Pete Hegseth is a former officer in the Army National Guard and the former executive director of the political advocacy organisations Vets For Freedom and Concerned Veterans for America.

Since his undergraduate days at Princeton University, Pete Hegseth has been involved in conservative and Republican politics. Pete Hegseth, who served in the military at Guantanamo Bay as a battalion leader, has been released.

Pete Hegseth Salary

Pete Hegseth's employer, Fox News, provides him with both a fixed income and a bonus. Pete Hegseth's current contract with Fox News stipulates a $6 million annual pay. Pete Hegseth receives an additional $2 million in bonus compensation on top of his base income. See also Stacey Abrams's net worth.

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