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Pedro Pascal Dating Rumors ▷Pedro Pascal Not Married

What is Known About Maria Dizzia and Pascal's Relationship?

According To Uswhispers There is only one romance that we can confirm because Pascal doesn't disclose many details about his relationships.

Following their roles in Law And Order in 1990, Pedro Pascal and Orange Is The New Black actress Maria Dizzia were in a brief relationship.

It seems like Pascal is a very private person. Since there is no publicly available evidence to the contrary,

even though we don't know much about his current love life, at least we are confident that he has never been married.

Rumored Romances of Pedro Pascal

Pedro Pascal Dating
Pedro Pascal Dating

Many speculations about Pedro Pascal's alleged relationships with prominent ladies, some of whom he has collaborated with, have surfaced. To glean the truth, we probe the chitchat.

In 2014, Pascal and Lena Headey, his Game of Thrones co-star, appeared together occasionally.

The two appeared in several scenes together on the HBO fantasy drama, and they were frequently spotted together in public.

Though the two seemed to enjoy each other’s company, there’s no proof that there was a romantic entanglement between them.

Longtime friend Sarah Paulson was another well-known leading lady whom Pascal was reported to have dated.

The veteran of American Horror Story has known Pascal for many years and was important in obtaining him the role of Oberyn Martell in the first place.

Around that time, a Reddit group called "Gay For Oberyn" that claimed to be made up of straight males appeared. In a 2017 interview with the Los Angeles Times, Pascal expressed his gratitude and remarked, "It's really lovely.

It's all a spectrum, I believe, you agree? Other men can and do get on straight men's nerves. They are neither homosexual nor bi as a result of it. I felt quite honoured.

"The guys that bullied me in Corona del Mar middle school," he said,

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