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Page Turner Net Worth 2022 : Dating Uswhispers Updated

Page Turner Net Worth

Page Turner Net Worth 2022

According To Uswhispers Page Turner Net Worth is $1.5Millions Page Turner works as a host in HGTV reality show, Flip or Flop Nashville...celebrates her birthday on 26 April as per the age of...amount of property and net worth...embraces a mixed ethnicity...her plans of getting married...potential partner, DeRon rose to heights...Canadian family background...

When it comes to Page Turner's birthday, it's April 26th every year. When it comes to her personal life, the lady has kept a low profile. This means that despite her enormous fame, many details of her early life remain hidden from the public eye.

A post on her Instagram from January 2019 suggests that she is 46 years old right now, despite the fact that she has never revealed her exact age publicly.

The post is part of a ten-year challenge in which Page posted a side-by-by comparison of her 35th birthday photo from 2009 and her current one from 2019. As a result, her current age can be calculated as 46, as she celebrated her 2019 birthday in April.

Fix My Flip': Is Page Turner married

Licensed real estate broker and businesswoman Page Turner has not yet found a partner. She has never been married, either. 'Flip or Flop Nashville' co-host DeRon Jenkins and Turner's long-term relationship was the talk of the town for years even though she doesn't have a husband.

Turner described their breakup with Us Weekly as amicable when they called it quits after a five-year relationship. She said, " "While we were romantically involved, we never lost touch as friends. Not even a big blow-up where we stopped talking happened, nor was there any of that drama "As a matter of fact,.

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