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Olivia Rodrigo Boyfriend 2022 :Relationship,Dating

Olivia Rodrigo Boyfriend

Olivia Rodrigo Boyfriend 2022

In light of her 2021 song "Driver's License," Olivia Rodrigo's partner and relationship status have become a topic of conversation. It wasn't until the release of "Driver's License," a breakup song rumoured to be about her High School Musical: The Musical: The Series co-star Joshua Bassett, and her debut album, Sour, that Rodrigo became the superstar we know today.

Rodrigo gave an explanation to The Guardian in May 2021 as to why the majority of her songs deal with romantic love. As a teenager, I write about things that make me feel strongly—and that includes sadness and longing—and I think that's authentic and natural. People ask me to compose songs all the time, but I'm stumped. Do you want me to write a song on taxes? How will I write an emotional song about that?" she asked herself.

Olivia Rodrigo Relationship Zack Bia

In June 2021, news of Rodrigo's connection with Adam Faze surfaced. When Space Jam 2 premiered at Six Flags America in Valencia, California, E! News stated that Rodrigo had invited Faze as her plus-one. Rodrigo referred to Faze as her "lover."

According To Uswhispers

Olivia Rodrigo Boyfriend 2022

In the words of one report, Rodrigo and Faze were "holding hands at one point," rode "all the rides," and stayed together "the entire night." Attendee Stuart Brazell, a TikTok celebrity, described the couple as "very cut, but not too terribly tactile" to E! News. It appeared like he knew a lot of people there, too," she claimed of the two of them together. In the words of a friend: "It simply felt like cuddly new youthful love."

Last month, Zack Bia was spotted all over social media in images and video backgrounds alongside Justin Bieber, Drake and The Weeknd. In addition to being close friends with Kendall Jenner, the mystery male has also been linked to a number of high-profile Hollywood women, including singer Madison Beer and Netflix actor Madelyn Cline, according to reports.

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