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Nirav Tolia Net Worth 2023

Nirav Tolia Net Worth 2023

Nirav Tolia Net Worth 2023
Nirav Tolia Net Worth 2023

According To Uswhispers Nirav Tolia Net Worth $50 million He invested in several different companies. His first investment was in Epinions, which eBay later purchased.

Nirav Tolia co-founded the business Nextdoor, which receives $200 million in funding in 2010. The advantages of Nextdoor are also enjoyed by Nirav Tolia's seven friends.

So many people are interested in learning more about the co-founder. This page will contain all relevant facts, including a person's biography, age, height, marriage, extramarital affairs, wife, kids, house, and net worth. Consequently, let's begin with his net worth.

Early Years

Nirav Tolia, a businessperson in the field, was born in Odessa, Texas, in 1973. In 1970, his Indian-born parents immigrated to the United States. He worked entirely differently than his father, a doctor, who followed a different schedule.

His name is Nirav, and he attended a private school for his senior year of study. Nirav received his diploma from Stanford University. Overall, Nirav Tolia holds a B.A.S. in medicine with a major in English literature.

Body dimensions

He stands 178 centimetres tall, or 5.10 feet and 1.78 metres. He weighs 178 pounds (75 kg). His eye and hair colour are both black, and his shoe size is 8 US, reflecting the fact that his parents immigrated from Asia to the U.S. His

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