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Over 900 Civilian Bodies Discovered in Kyiv Region, Authorities Say. Many Were "Just Executed."

The startling figures emerged shortly after Russia's Defense Ministry pledged to increase missile attacks on Kyiv in retaliation for Ukraine's purported aggression towards Russian territory. That foreboding warning came in the aftermath of Moscow's devastating loss of its flagship in the Black Sea, which a senior US defence official said Friday had been struck by at least one Ukrainian missile.

nine hundred bodies found in Kyiv

Moscow has begun preparations for a military invasion in eastern Ukraine despite its threats. There was also fighting in the devastated southern port city of Mariupol, where residents reported witnessing Russian forces excavating bodies. According to regional governor Oleh Sinehubov, shelling of a residential neighbourhood in Kharkiv's northeastern district killed seven people, including a seven-month-old child, and injured 34.

Bucha utility personnel, according to Nebytov, helped bury dead in the Ukrainian suburbs while they were under Russian authority. He went on to say that Russian troops were "tracking down" pro-Ukrainian activists.

After Russian officials accused Ukraine of using airstrikes in Bryansk, a bordering province of Ukraine, to injure seven people and destroy about 100 residential buildings, further damage to Kyiv may be on the way. According To USWHISPERS.COM

Another Russian border territory was also hit by Ukrainian artillery on Thursday, according to Russian officials.

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