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Melissa Gorga Net Worth 2022 :Ending Friendship With Teresa Giudice

Melissa Gorga Net Worth 2022

Melissa Gorga Net Worth 2022

Melissa Ann Gorga is an American television personality, author, singer, designer, and businesswoman. She is a member of the cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, joining the show in its third season.

Melissa Gorga net worth is currently valued at $2 million.

In August 2011, she was featured on the cover of Boardwalk Journal's magazine. She has also been featured in Paper

She has also pursued a career in music. On August 13, 2011, her single "On Display" was released on iTunes. Gorga also released a four-song EP, which was teased in several episodes of Season 4. In addition to "How Many Times" and "Rockstar," she has released two more singles on iTunes as of July 5, 2012.

According To Uswhispers

In August 2011, she was featured on the cover of Boardwalk Journal's magazine. She has also been featured in Paper and Us Weekly photo shoots.

Melissa Gorga, she feels "no guilt" about breaking up with a long-time friend.

Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga have nothing in common. Reality Housewives of New Jersey castmates and sisters in law are no longer pretending to like each other, Melissa, 42, told the Betches' Mention It All podcast in an interview that aired May 16.

Asked about her famously tumultuous relationship with Teresa, 49, she said, "It's time to call it quits." Melissa acknowledged, "I truly feel like I have hit every avenue." There is no guilt in me.

When it came time for the RHONJ Season 12 reunion, the owner of Envy Boutique said she felt "free" after the two came to an agreement.

Joe Gorga's wife, Jenna Gorga, said, "It is OK to say that we don't have the best relationship and... I don't feel guilty saying that because I tried really hard and know that I tried hard — for my in-laws and for Joe," she said. As Melissa went on, she emphasised how important it was to her that she establish a positive relationship with Teresa, her husband's sister, right away.

 When she was older, she'd look back on this and think, 'We did something fun.'" She remembered Teresa saying something similar, but she added that she just rolled her eyes. between that and watching this season, I just feel as though I've done my best and I'm fine with that."

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