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Megan Fox Breakup :Broken

Megan Fox Breakup

Megan Fox Breakup

Weapons of Mass Destruction Kelly claims that the idea for his upcoming film, "Good Mourning," came from a text message he received from his then-fiancée Megan Fox.

"I made the film for her because she was the one who unwittingly set the spiral in motion. The singer, who also directs and stars in the stoner comedy, revealed to Extra at the film's Los Angeles premiere this week that she received a text message from the actress who plays her.

What happened to me happened to [my character] because he gets caught up in an argument over an unintelligible text, which is exactly what happened to me."

MGK, 32, explained that he had “written so many songs” and used “all these other outlets” to deal with heartache in the past, so he needed something different this time around.

“I was, like, spiraling so hard. "I had to go somewhere else with it," he said. “I was like, ‘I’m just gonna write a movie.’”

Swords of Damnation It was Kelly's ex-fiancée Megan Fox, he says, who inspired him to write the script for "Good Mourning."

According To Uswhsipers

Megan Fox Breakup

"Because she was the one who unintentionally set the spiral in motion, I made the picture for her. The actress who portrays her in the stoner comedy sent a text message to the singer during the film's Los Angeles premiere this week, she disclosed to Extra

Due to a dispute about an unclear letter, which is exactly what occurred to me, [my character] suffers the same fate that I did."

MGK, 32, said he wanted something different this time because he had "wrote so many songs" and utilised "all these other avenues" in the past to deal with pain.

My mental health has taken a turn for the worst," he stated. "I had to go somewhere else with it." In my head, I was thinking, 'I'll just make a movie.'"

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