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Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Drink Each Other

Megan Fox first talked about this when she and MGK announced that they were getting engaged.

Rockstars love it! Megan Fox told us what really happens on her and Machine Gun Kelly's double dates with Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker, so we can know what to expect when we go out.

People who are in a relationship: Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly's Relationship Timeline

The 35-year-old actress told Glamour UK on Tuesday, April 26, "We've been to Vegas with them a few times and to events and things like that." That's not true. We're not going on picnics or road trips.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Drink Each Other

The Transformers star, who has been engaged to 32-year-old Kelly since January, said that their group outings aren't very often because they have so many people in their lives. It's not just Brian Austin Green who has three kids with Fox. He also has a daughter, Cassie, who is 12 years old.

We don't go on many double dates, Fox said. There are 900 kids between us all.

Scott Disick was her ex-boyfriend when she started making clothes for babies called Poosh. She has two sons, 12 and 7, and a 9-year-old daughter with him. Landon, 18, and Alabama, 16, are the children of the Blink-182 drummer and his ex-wife Shanna Moakler, who split up in 2010. Moakler's ex-boyfriend Oscar Del La Hoya also had a daughter together with her, Atiana, who is now 23 years old. He is also Moakler's stepfather.

AccordingTo Uswhispers

There are a lot of dangerous dates between Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox.

"Jennifer's Body" actress said that she has been able to pick up on the "magnetic" connection between Kardashian, 43, and Barker, 46, who got married in October 2021.

People don't interact with them very much because they're just stuck together, Fox said. "They're stuck together like this," she said.

When Kardashian and Barker get together, fans pay attention. The New Girl alum doesn't see them very often.

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