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Matthew Morrison's wife Renee Puente stands up for him after he was accused of cheating on "SYTYCD."

Matthew Morrison's wife Renee Puente cheating on "SYTYCD."

Matthew Morrison's wife Renee Puente cheating on "SYTYCD."

According To Uswhispers "It's been an adventure... "Finally, my husband has a chance to say what's on his mind," Puente, 37, wrote in the caption she added to Morrison's video on Thursday, June 2. "He did it with such grace and honesty, even though the situation was hard and complicated."

She agreed with the former Glee star that "gossip" is bad for people, which he talked a lot about in his own Instagram video. "Gossip and cruelty are poisons that have spread deep into our society and made people forget who they really are—loving and caring," said the Hawaii native, quoting Jay Shetty. "'Being negative is a trait, not who someone is. The true nature of a person can be hidden by clouds, but it is always there, like the sun. And clouds can get the best of anyone.

Puente told those who followed her, "Stop spreading hate and shame. Period. NO ONE IS WORTHY OF IT." She ended her post with a quote about how important it is to let go.

"Letting go makes us free, and the only way to be happy is to be free. "'We can't be free if, in our hearts, we still hold on to anything, whether it's anger, worry, or things,' said Thich Nhat Hanh," she said. "We let go and let ourselves be free. Thank you to everyone who has brought love and light into our lives through this. To everyone else, I send love and light."

The Finding Neverland star said, "It's really sad that I have to sit here and defend myself and my family against anonymously made statements that are obviously false." "I have nothing to hide, so I'll tell you the one message I sent to a dancer on the show: 'Hey, it's Matthew. If you don't mind, I'd love to get your number and talk you through some things. "That's it."

He said that he texted the contestant "because we both respect a choreographer," who he has known for a long time. He also said, "I was trying to help her get a job as a choreographer on the show."

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