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Mary Fitzgerald Claims Christine Quinn’s

After Selling Sunset's Emma Hernan said that Christine Quinn tried to bribe one of her clients to switch brokers, their coworker Mary Fitzgerald has talked about what could happen.

Mary Fitzgerald Claims Christine Quinn’s

Sold by Sunset: Christine and Mary's Friendship Timeline

The South Dakota native, 41, told E! News on Friday, April 29, "If Emma had already signed the listing agreement, which she was about to do, [Christine's actions] would be against the law," she said. It means that Christine would lose her licence, and she'd lose everything else as well. But the listing agreement for this property hasn't been signed yet, which is a good thing. Otherwise, she would have problems with the law.

Mary Fitzgerald Claims Christine Quinn’s

She said that in season 5 of the Netflix show, which started this month, the author of How to Be a Boss B*tch offered a bribe to a real estate client. Christine was accused of giving $5,000 to one of Emma's clients in exchange for her not working with the Boston native any longer. Emma and Christine have fought before over the claims that Christine's ex, Peter Cornell, left her for Emma, which the founder of Emma Leigh & Co has said is not true.

They were close friends when Selling Sunset first aired in 2019. Their friendship has since deteriorated because of the drama.

People will learn why they're all kind of in the same place lately, like with Christine, Mary told Us back in February of this season.

Getting "Crazy" The things you need to know about selling Sunset's Season 5 Reunion

A person who went to Ball State University says that Emma and Christine haven't talked about the case any more. The person says that the brokerage's business practises aren't as bad as people say.

Mary told E! on Friday that she and her family are very honest. There can't be this kind of thing at our brokerage. We can't treat clients and each other the way we want to. "It's not good."

When we talked to a source, they told us it was her choice to leave the company.

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