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Maria Sharapova Was Pregnant Confirmed

Maria Sharapova, a former tennis player, received the best birthday gift ever. She announced she was expecting her fifth Grand Slam title on her 35th birthday!

Maria Sharapova Was Pregnant Confirmed

Maria Sharapova now has a new doubles partner if she decides to come out of retirement. On her 35th birthday (April 19), the former tennis player and Grand Slam champion announced that she is expecting a child. Maria captioned the photo she shared on Instagram, "Precious Beginnings." Maria was photographed wearing a bikini top and a wrap around her waist on a beach. Her baby bump was clearly visible. She went on to say,According To

"Eating birthday cake for two has always been my specialty." Maria tagged her fiancé, British businessman Alexander Gilkes, in the photo.

In an Instagram post on her birthday late Tuesday, the five-time Grand Slam champion revealed she's expecting her first child.

"Precious beginnings!!!" Sharapova wrote alongside a photo of her growing baby bump. "I've always been known for eating birthday cake for two."

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