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Magnus Carlsen Net Worth $50 Million 2022

Magnus Carlsen Net Worth

Magnus Carlsen Net Worth
Magnus Carlsen Net Worth

According To Uswhispers Magnus Carlsen Net Worth $50 Million in 2022 Early Life

Sven Magnus en Carlsen was born on November 30, 1990, in Tnsberg, Vestfold, Norway. His parents, Sigrun en and Henrik Albert Carlsen, are engineers.

He began demonstrating his academic aptitude as a toddler. He could complete 50-piece jigsaw puzzles by himself at the age of two and proceeded to assemble Lego sets designed for much older youngsters at the age of four.

In the same year, he defeated former world champion Anatoly Karpov in a blitz chess event and went on to draw Garry Kasparov, the world's top-rated player at the time.

In April 2004, he finished second in the Dubai Open Chess Championship and was promoted to Grandmaster. He was the world's youngest Grandmaster at the time, and the third youngest person ever to hold GM position.

In 2007, he faced several strong opponents in the famed Linares chess tournament, which many see as "the Wimbledon of chess."

Carlsen finished second to top-rated players such as Veselin Topalov, Viswanathan Anand, Peter Svidler, Alexander Morozevich, and Levon Aronian.

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