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Mac Miller Net Worth :2022

Mac Miller Net Worth

Mac Miller Net Worth
Mac Miller Net Worth

According to uswhispers Mac Miller Net Worth $9 Million It wasn't until his early 20s that Mac Miller made it into the music industry. Because Miller had a friendship with Wiz Khalifa, a rapper who had recently signed with Rostrum Records owner Benjy Grinberg, he was found by the label.

Later, he established REMember Records, an imprint of his own record company. While not pursuing a full-time career in music, Miller worked as a producer for a number of other artists, helping them to create singles and albums.

Early Life

Malcolm James McCormick was born in Pittsburgh on January 19, 1992. He and his brother were both brought up in a Jewish home. Although his father is a Christian, both his mother and he are Jewish. Despite their Jewish upbringing, both brothers chose to attend a Catholic high school because of the school's renowned athletics and academic programmes. His love for music began at the age of six, when he was able to play the drums; guitar; bass; and piano.

When he was 14, Miller, who wanted to be a singer, began rapping instead. By the time he was 15, he had decided to give up athletics and pursue a career as a rapper full-time. "EZ Mac" was his first stage name, but he changed it to "Mac Miller" later in his career.


Nomi Leasure, Mac Miller's long-term partner, met him in middle school. Mac and Leasure had an on-again, off-again romance for most of his adult life. They called it quits on their relationship in 2016. Mac began a relationship with Ariana Grande near the end of his life. A few months before his death, they broke up.

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