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Lyudmila Aleksandrovna Ocheretnaya 

She is the former wife of Vladimir Putin,  Vladimir Putin, the Russian president and former prime minister of Russia. She is a former first lady of Russia. She was born in 1958 on 6 January. Her birthplace is Kaliningrad located in Russia. Her height is 1.65m. By nationality she is Russian. In 1983 she married Vladimir Putin but they got separated. In the year 2015, she again married Artur Ocheretny. Her parents are Alexander Abramovich Shkrebnev and Yekaterina Shkrebneva.
Lyudmila Aleksandrovna Ocheretnaya 


She helped create the foundation, which is called the centre for development of interpersonal communications. It creates millions. Their offices are located in Moscow. Her grandfather's property is listed in cultural heritage. It was completely rebuilt in the year 2013. It raised the height from 2 stories to 4 stories. The building is occupied by commercial tenants, which includes VTB bank, Sberbank, Severstroygroup which is a commercial bank, a sushi restaurant and a burger king. The total rent of the building is around $3-4 million. The rent is paid to a company which is known as Meridian. It is owned by a company called Intereservis, it is completely owned by Lyudmila. Previously her sister was general director of the company.

Putin and Lyudmila divorce 

They announced their divorce publicly in the year 2013 on 6 June. They decided to get separated by mutual decision. They announced their divorce in front of cameras on Russian news media at the State Kremlin Palace. They announced at the Kremlin Ballet at the ending year of speculation. They confirmed that divorce was finalised. In the year 2016,she married Artur Ocheretny.


Her estimated net worth is around $ 5 million.she earns from her occupation. By occupation she is a flight attendant. 

Lyudmilla interesting facts 

Her birth place is Russia. Her zodiac sign is capricorn. Her nationality is Russian. Her Instagram page is @lyudmila.putina.

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