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What is Lois Griffin Dead At 43? Why This is Trending?

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

What Is Lois Griffin Dead At 43?

The "Lois Griffin is dead at 43" prank is the most recent innocent one to join a slew of others on TikTok and Instagram, where pranks have historically been one of the easiest ways to gain views.

What is Lois Griffin Dead At 43? Why This is Trending?
What is Lois Griffin Dead At 43? Why This is Trending?

Celebrity death hoaxes are one of the most popular web phenomena at this time. In contrast to death hoaxes, which typically disseminate false information, pranks are acknowledged to be fake and are designed to generate humorous responses.

As the most current Family Guy-based hoax, Internet users are tricking others into believing that Lois Griffin has died, filming their responses, and posting the footage online.

Some even posted humorous memes and responses in response to the hoax, while many internet users utilized Google to identify the figure.

Lois Griffin Dead

The death prank of Lois Griffin is popular on TikTok; in this article, we describe Alex Borstein's Family Guy character.

Recently, Lois Griffin from Family Guy gained popularity on social media due to a TikTok death fake that went viral. Here is all the necessary information on the character.

The cartoon series Family Guy, which features the well-known character Lois Griffin, was created by Seth MacFarlane.

Since Alex Borstein has been recognized for years as the voice of Lois, it came as a shock when a TikTok trend announced that Lois Griffin had gone away, prompting followers to wonder if Alex Borstein had also perished.

Alex Borstein is still alive, but the Lois Griffin death trend on social media looks to have been a TikTok hoax.

The death of Lois Griffin was widely reported online on December 26, 2022. Fans of Family Guy pranked on TikTok and Twitter, resulting in the "Lois Griffin is dead at 43" fake.

Many individuals were left wondering if the character will be eliminated from the program, causing them to be quite puzzled. Continue reading for more information on this scam.

Why Is Family Guy Lois Griffin Dead 43 Trending?

According to the Sun, Lois Griffin's death hoax gained popularity due to a practical joke on Tiktok. TikTok users videotaped themselves alerting their friends and relatives about Lois' non-canon death as part of the hoax.

The TikTok videos depicted contradictory and bewildering emotions to the character's demise. Twitter users were confused by the pattern, with one user responding, "Can you people just stop posting that Lois Griffin is dead? I'm becoming terrified"

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