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Liam Payne : Engagement 2022 uswhispers Updated

Liam Payne Engagement

Liam Payne

According To Uswhispers Payne's rep confirmed the news just hours after he was spotted with "another woman" after a year of rekindling their romance, saying the couple had ended their engagement.

On May 23, Liam Payne's rep confirmed to PEOPLE that the 28-year-old singer is once again single. The news comes just hours after his fiancee, Maya Henry, 22, took to social media to respond to a fan-posted photo of the former One Direction singer with another woman, saying, "I love all of the fans so much, but please stop sending me these pictures of my fiancé wrapped around another woman.

Liam Payne Engagement

This is not me, and knowing that it has happened is difficult enough without actually seeing it. Enough is enough.

According to the news outlet, Liam and Maya broke up over a month ago, but Maya was still referring to him as her "fiance" earlier today. There has been no response from Liam's rep to Uswhispers request for comment.

Liam Payne Engagement

Liam and the model first started dating in 2018 and confirmed their relationship in September of this year. Then, in August 2020, the singer proposed to her, but they broke up in June 2021.

He admitted on the Diary of a CEO show that he's "just not been very good at relationships" at the time. However, they were spotted together again in St. Tropez two months later before walking the red carpet together in London in October of that year.

Liam Payne Engagement

At the Taste the Future Luncheon in Beverly Hills in March 2022, Liam and Maya attended and confirmed their engagement. "She's still my fiancée," he said to PEOPLE. At the moment, we're both very happy and we're still together. This is probably the happiest we've ever felt. During my time in COVID, I believe we went through a lot. "I think we've come out of it a little bit stronger," he said. It is with great sadness that they have broken up for the second time.

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