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Latest News: Hugh Jackman's Wife Rumours About Actor's Sexuality

Deborra-Lee Furness says that everything is going to be okay. The Australian actress and her husband Hugh Jackman have been in the news a lot over the years, and there have been a lot of rumours about them. One that got the most attention was the claim that the actor in The Greatest Showman was gay. In the past, people said that Jackman was still in the closet.

Latest News Hugh Jackman's Wife Rumours About Actor's Sexuality

It was on the Not an Overnight Success podcast, and Furness said that they don't pay attention to stories like this one. "It's so silly, and it's also very boring," she said. It doesn't matter that the couple has already talked about the rumour and denied it. The tabloids keep harassing them and making up stories about Jackman's life that aren't true. There were more things that Furness said and added to the list "How can people just come up with this? It just amazes me that these magazines keep getting away with it, though."

The 66-year-old actress called out the tabloid culture as she said, "It's so bad." "It is schadenfreude that they're trying to sell. They are selling sadness. People must want to buy the idea that other people are unhappy because it makes them feel better about themselves. This is why they do it." Furness then said that if Jackman was gay, he would be out and proud. "He could be gay if he was gay. He no longer had to hide in the closet "He said: "Furness." She then said, "He'd be with Brad Pitt or something."

It's also been more than two decades since the couple married in 1996, and they've been together ever since. When she talked about how quickly she fell in love with the actor, According To Furness said they had "an incredible connection from the start." He proposed to her four months after she started dating him. She talked about how they had a wonderful relationship and how they met.

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