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Kourtney Kardashian :Net Worth 2022 Uswhispers Updated

Kourtney Kardashian Net Worth 2022

Kourtney Kardashian Net Worth

Kourtney Kardashian's net worth is undeniably substantial, as evidenced by her more than 90 million Instagram followers and a successful (though not often drama-filled) career on her family's reality television series, Keeping Up With the Kardashians. The socialite, like her sisters, has leveraged her television career to pursue chances outside of the industry, establishing herself as a successful businesswoman.

It appears that Kylie Jenner's net worth as the world's youngest "self-made" billionaire is a good indicator that her older sister Kourtney isn't doing too shabby either. While she isn't quite on Ky's level, the mother of three has managed to maintain a consistent stream of revenue through initiatives other than KUWTK, which include but are not limited to social media sponsorships, apps, and a variety of brands—including her lifestyle and e-commerce site, Poosh.

According To Uswhispers

Kourtney Kardashian Net Worth 2022

The question of whether or not those sources add up to her astronomical KUWTK income is another matter entirely. Following a "violent" altercation between her and her younger sister Kim on the show, the mother of three stated that she will be leaving the show in the near future. However, even after her departure from the series, the eldest Kardashian sister didn't have to be too concerned about a reduction in her earnings as a result of the decision.

Kourtney's net worth was certainly substantial enough to keep her afloat—and comfortable enough to allow her to devote her time and energy to the things that matter most to her right now (which may include having Baby No. 4—who knows). In addition, with the release of her family's new Hulu series, The Kardashians, Kourtney's net worth is already on the rise.

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker

It appears that Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker have taken an important step forward in their IVF quest.

They discussed their excitement about reaching a new step in their fertility journey on the May 5 edition of The Kardashians. The couple, who got engaged in October, shared their excitement about reaching a new stage in their fertility quest.

"We are quite excited since this is the first time we have made it to an egg retrieval in the six months that we have been undergoing IVF treatments," the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star shared.

"This is a godsend," Kourtney said in an interview with Travis, referring to the fact that "the past two times we tried, we weren't able to reach this stage." She has already discussed the hardships and negative effects she has experienced so far while undergoing IVF treatment.

After thereafter, Kourtney and Travis were seen having a doctor's appointment with Dr. Wood, who indicated that Kourtney had one hopeful ovarian follicle that they might use to proceed forward with the procedure.

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