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Kobe Bryant Net Worth 2022

Kobe Bryant Net Worth 2022

Kobe Bryant Net Worth 2022
Kobe Bryant Net Worth 2022

According To Uswhispers Kobe Bryant's net worth $600 Million Kobe Bryan had a $600 million net worth. Tragically, a helicopter crash claimed the life of Kobe Bryant on January 26, 2020. Kobe Bryant was a two-time NBA Finals MVP, a five-time NBA champion, and an 18-time NBA All-Star.

Even after retiring, Kobe was one of the highest-paid athletes in sports. Kobe's lifetime earnings through endorsements and salaries totaled hundreds of millions of dollars. He invested in his firm very shrewdly.

His financial investment in the beverage BodyArmour was worth $200 million at the time of his passing. Six years ago, he purchased the stock for $6 million. Coca-Cola paid $5.6 billion in October 2021 to buy full ownership of BodyArmour.


Despite being selected by the Hornets initially, Kobe was swiftly traded to the Lakers in a pre-arranged deal. Kobe's parents had to cosign his rookie contract because he was only 17 years old. His first NBA contract was a $3.5 million, three-year agreement.

At age 18, Kobe became the NBA's youngest starter. He didn't fully find his footing until his third season with the Lakers. He was beginning to get comparisons to players like Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson since he started every game.

Additionally, he received a $70 million, 6-year contract extension in his third year. Phil Jackson took over as the Lakers' head coach in 1999. The Lakers, Kobe, and Jackson would eventually win five NBA titles. include the three years in a row from 2000 to 2002.

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