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Kim Kardashian Share New Pictures with Beau Pete Instagram

Kim Kardashian isn't afraid to show off her relationship with Pete Davidson. She recently posted new pictures of herself and him from the premiere of The Kardashians. There were two people who went to the premiere with each other, but they didn't walk the red carpet together, Pete's supportive boyfriend side was shown off in Kim's new post, and it was very cute.

weeks after the first episode of The Kardashians aired, Kim posted a few behind the scenes photos from the show on Instagram on Tuesday. Kim shared a lot of pictures from the event, and not only did she show off her stunning outfit from the premiere, but she also showed how Davidson was the perfect boyfriend as he helped her at the event. In one picture, the couple was seen holding hands as they made their way to the wedding venue.

According To Uswhispers #KimKardashian #BeauPete

Take a look at the new photos of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson that they took.

Another picture also showed Davidson holding the car door while Kardashian's staffer fixed her dress as she got out of the car, so she could get out. Another picture shows Scott Disick and Pete having a good time while Kim gets her makeup done. It was also seen in the background that Scott's new girlfriend Rebecca Donaldson was there, too! Also, she wrote a heartfelt message to thank her fans for the success of her new reality show.

Also, in her captions, Kim said that late designer Manfred Mugler whose dress she was wearing to the premiere was very important to her and wrote, "Thank you so much for everything you did for me and my family." "I was so happy to be able to wear a special dress to the special night! Last year, Manfred Mugler made this dress for me. When I wore it, I felt like he was with me."

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