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Kim Kardashian RESENTED filming episodes with Blac Chyna

On Tuesday, Kim Kardashian admitted in court that she disliked filming episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians with Blac Chyna.

After season one of the spin-off finished, the E! Network, which aired both KUWTK and Rob and Chyna, paid Chyna $370,000 to film four episodes of KUWTK.

According to Kim, the agreement was made without informing the family.

Kim Kardashian Resented Filming ‘KUWTK’ With Blac Chyna After She ‘Beat Rob With A Metal Rod’

Following Rob and Chyna's December 2016 argument, she allegedly texted her sisters to 'get on the phone today' with E! execs.

But, according to Kim, the transaction was made without consulting the Kardashians, who objected in an email that 'nobody listens to us...' at E! The court heard that "no one respects us."

Following the December 2016 brawl, she allegedly texted her sisters to 'get on the phone today' with E! execs.

'I was shocked that Rob was so emotional and distraught,' the 41-year-old reality star told jurors on Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court.

'I remember trying to be supportive of my brother because he was being so emotional,' said Kim, who was dressed sharply in a grey pin-striped suit with her hair put back into a bun, despite missing court the day before due to a vacation to Washington, D.C. and Orlando, Florida.

During the altercation, Chyna is accused of hitting Rob with a metal rod.

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