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Kim Kardashian : Family kanye west Apology the kardashians

Kim Kardashian family kanye west apology

According To Uswhispers When Kanye West misbehaved on an episode of The Kardashians airing on May 26, Kim Kardashian had had enough. Kim learned about Kanye's upcoming song about her while hosting her family for dinner.

She remarked, sarcastically, "Very classy," referring to her outfit. "It indicates he's talking a lot of about me and maybe saying some other crazy things."

Kim Kardashian family kanye west apology

Kim's sister, was there to offer support and guidance as always. This is not how most fathers treat their wives in public, she raged. It's not necessary for us to stand here and retaliate. In the end, "we accept everything in stride." "You're the mother of his children and have done nothing but be kind to him," Kris Jenner added. Kris Jenner

For the sake of her children, Kim maintained a cordial relationship with Kanye, despite the subsequent friction. Although she was sorry for how her family had been damaged by his behaviours over the years, he continued to act in this manner. It wasn't going to happen, she insisted, not even once. "I am who I am, and I'll never change."

Kim Kardashian family kanye west apology

The only thing I can control is how I respond to a situation. I am powerless to change how he treats me or how he has always treated you. Despite the fact that I safeguarded it for such a long time, I promised you guys that I would never allow something like that to happen again. For the first time in my life, I feel capable. Anyone who treats you or me in this manner will not be tolerated.

People haven't been sure about the condition of my relationship with Kanye since I was trying to figure it out myself," she revealed. "However, I'm ready to go on. Because I've been so used to relying on others, I've lost sight of the fact that I have an opinion and can make my own judgments. She and Pete Davidson's relationship will finally be explained to us next week!

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