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Kathy Whitworth Net Worth

Kathy Whitworth Net Worth 2022

Kathy Whitworth Net Worth
Kathy Whitworth Net Worth

According To Uswhispers Kathy Whitworth Net Worth $10 MILLION TO $15 MILLION USD. American professional golfer Kathy Whitworth died at the age of 83. After hearing that golfer Kathy Whitworth had died, fans started leaving condolences for her friends and family on the Internet. "I met Kathy Whitworth for the first time last month," said one person. When she hit a ball on the range, my mouth dropped.

Her swing speed, positioning, and flexibility were out of this world. She told me several times that day, "It all starts with the grip." "Rest in peace to golf's best winner." Another person said, "It breaks my heart to tell you that LPGA Hall of Famer Kathy Whitworth passed away at the age of 83. Her 88 LPGA wins are the most any professional golfer has ever won on a tour. "Recalling the story." One person said, "Kathy Whitworth had won 88 times on the LPGA Tour, which was the most ever." That's more PGA Tour wins than Tiger has. She had one of the most beautiful swings you've ever seen."

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