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What Is k Test Smile Dating Test : Trending on TikTok

k Test Smile Dating Test on TikTok

k Test Smile Dating Test
k Test Smile Dating Test

According To Uswhispers Over the years, a plethora of other tests and quizzes have gone viral on TikTok thanks to users' love of sharing and comparing their findings with those of other users.

This has covered everything from the wildly popular colour pallet exam to the viral "human feeling" quiz.

The most recent test being taken by users of TikTok is the "smile dating test" by ktestone. Users have started posting their quiz results in videos on TikTok

so they may debate them with other users of the app in order to "find out your dating style with a smiley character," which is the questionnaire's stated goal.

Using 16 different coloured smileys to represent 16 different personalities, you must respond to 12 questions on dating in order to learn about your "dating style with a smiley character."

At the end of the test, you would be given a smiley that claimed to indicate your smiling personality as well as the smileys you should either date or avoid. Here is my own.

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