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Judge Mathis Net Worth 2022

Judge Mathis Net Worth 2022

According To Uswhispers Judge Mathis Net Worth $20 million. Greg Mathis is a well-known person who has a show called Judge Mathis. He was born in Detroit in the year 1960. Help from a friend got him into Eastern Michigan University

Here, he learned that he was interested in law, politics, and running things. He also got involved in politics and joined the Democratic Party.

Greg Mathis was born on April 5, 1960, in Detroit. He grew up pretty much in the same place as his younger siblings. Greg's parents split up when he was a child, and his mother raised him on her own. People might think Greg's childhood was nice and stable. But this didn't happen because he quit school and joined a street gang. Because of this, he was sent to juvenile jail more than once.

Judge Mathis Net Worth 2022
Judge Mathis Net Worth 2022

When he was only 17, he was arrested and put on probation so he could take care of his mother, who was sick with colon cancer. When he found out that his mother had colon cancer, he decided to make a change.

Greg got a job at McDonald's, which gave him the freedom to stay out of jail while he was on probation. During this time, he got lucky when a family friend came by and offered to help him get into the University of Eastern Michigan University, Greg. But later, went to the University of Detroit Mercy.

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