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Jonathan Hillstrand Net Worth (2022)

Jonathan Hillstrand Net Worth

Accorsing To Uswhispers Jonathan Hillstrand Net Worth $2.2 Million As co-captain and co-owner with his brothers of the crab fishing boat the Time Bandit, which is featured on the Discovery Channel reality series Deadliest Catch, Jon Hillstrand has amassed a substantial fortune. He is a third-generation Alaskan fisherman who was raised in Homer, Alaska, and has worked on commercial fishing boats since he was 3 years old.

He started fishing at age 7 and has been catching crab for a living since he was 17. He works with his family on other Hillstrand family enterprises, such as Time Bandit Fireworks, Time Bandit Spirits

Time Bandit Entertainment, Time Bandit Productions, and the Time Bandit Gear Store, when he is not out fishing. He enjoys the Dallas Cowboys and NASCAR, as well as the NHRA. On the yacht, Jon is renowned for playing practical jokes.

Jonathan Hillstrand Net Worth
Jonathan Hillstrand Net Worth

He and his brother Andy, who is also the co-captain of the Time Bandit, were featured in a Geico Insurance television ad, and at one point, they were in talks with the Discovery Channel for a spinoff series on their boat. Hillstrand and other Deadliest Catch captains were sued by the Discovery Channel for $3 million during the final days of Season 6 filming, virtually forcing them to leave the show and preventing their appearance in Season 7.

The men were anxious at the time of the lawsuit because they believed that the Discovery Channel had captured all of the footage they required, but the television executives insisted that pickup shots were still required. The men prioritised fishing because adding more filming at this time would have had a negative impact on the schedules of the fishing vessels. Ultimately, a settlement was reached between the Discovery Channel and the executives of Time Bandit and Northwestern.

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