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Johnny McGraw Celebrates His 'Girl' Faith Hill's 26th Wedding Anniversary

Johnny McGraw Celebrates 26th Wedding Anniversary

Johnny McGraw Celebrates 26th Wedding Anniversary
Johnny McGraw Celebrates 26th Wedding Anniversary

The video showed the two singers sitting across from each other in a candlelit room, sharing a microphone, and then photographs of them kissing flashed over the screen. "26 years! Wow!"

Happy anniversary, my dear!! "I love you, baby, @FaithHill," he captioned the video.

In the comments, the pair received a number of congratulations and expressions of love from fans and friends. Rita Wilson even chimed in to congratulate the couple on their 26th wedding anniversary. "Lovebirds, happy anniversary," she wrote.

Tim and Faith married in 1996, and they have three gorgeous daughters: Gracie, 25, Maggie, 24, and Audrey, 20. Both Gracie and Audrey have expressed a desire to follow in their parents' footsteps and pursue jobs in the entertainment industry. Maggie has a deep interest in marine life, according to Tim.

On their anniversary, he always celebrates his marriage to Faith. When the pair celebrated their 25th anniversary, the "Live Like You Were Dying" singer shared a lovely video of the two of them in which he recounted how he proposed to Faith. He said that he asked her while they were both looking in the mirror at a music festival. When he returned from his performance, he reported she'd scribbled a yes in lipstick on the mirror. "It was without a doubt the happiest day of my life," he remarked.

Tim and Faith appear to be having a great time together nearly 30 years into their marriage. Back in June, the duo was all smiles at the UK launch event for Paramount+ in London. When Tim turned 55 in May, Faith shared a flashback photo of the two of them in a bathtub together and asked her husband if he wanted to go on a "date tonight" for his special day.

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